Mobile vaccine factories

GE Healthcare and G-Con Manufacturing of College Station, Texas, have signed a collaboration to produce a low-cost, flexible, good manufacturing practices (GMP) vaccine-manufacturing facility to meet the needs of developing countries and as a swift response to pandemic situations. The quick-to-build vaccine manufacturing station will combine Buckinghamshire, UK–based GE's single-use bioprocessing technologies with G-Con's modular, portable, clean-room technology. The facility is equipped to grow cell lines up to 1,000 liters and is easier to operate than existing technologies. Catarina Flyborg, general manager of bioprocess products at GE Healthcare's Life Sciences unit, explains that the stations will use GE's ReadyToProcess range of disposables, and G-Con's mix and match modules. Other companies offering single-use GMP bioreactors are Xcellerex of Marlborough, Massachusetts, and Pharmadule of Nacka, Sweden. Miriam Monge, vice president, global key accounts Biopharm Services in Buckinghamshire, UK, a specialist in the disposable technology arena, commented, “During the last flu pandemic many developing countries realized how ill-equipped to face the situation they were. The combination of portable facilities, disposable technologies that can be rapidly deployed and GE's global infrastructure appears an ideal solution for delivering rapid response manufacturing to these developing countries.”


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