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Ethanol Accumulation in Cultures of Pachysolen Tannophilus on D-Xylose is Associated with a Transition to a State of Low Oxygen Consumption

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Ethanol accumulation in aerobic batch cultures of Pachysolen tannophilus growing on D-xylose is associated with a transition to a state of low oxygen consumption, and the events triggering the accumulation differ from those of a Crabtree effect. The transition explains the accumulation of ethanol at only a particular interval during the growth of the culture, shows that such accumulation is not dependent on limited oxygen supply, and offers approaches to enhancing the yield of ethanol.

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  1. George Mahmourides, Hung Lee, Nancy Maki and Henry Schneider: Issued as NRCC publication number 23752.


  1. Division of Biological Sciences, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Canada, K1A OR6

    • George Mahmourides
    • , Hung Lee
    • , Nancy Maki
    •  & Henry Schneider


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