Papers from the literature selected by the Nature Biotechnology editors. (Follow us on Twitter, @NatureBiotech #nbtHighlight)

MHC-I genotype restricts the oncogenic mutational landscape

Marty, R. et al. Cell 10.1016/j.cell.2017.09.050 (2017).

Integrating proteomics and transcriptomics for systematic combinatorial chimeric antigen receptor therapy of AML

Perna, F. et al. Cancer Cell 32, 506–519.e5 (2017).

Programmable base editing of A•T to G•C in genomic DNA without DNA cleavage

Gaudelli, N.M. et al. Nature 10.1038/nature24644 (2017).

RNA editing with CRISPR-Cas13

Cox, D.B.T. et al. Science 10.1126/science.aaq0180 (2017).

The first near-complete assembly of the hexaploid bread wheat genome, Triticum aestivum

Zimin, A.V. et al. Gigascience 10.1093/gigascience/gix097 (2017).