Supplementary Figure 4 : Analysis of ABR response in 6 weeks old control c.216GA and injected rescued c.216AA mice.

From: Gene therapy restores auditory and vestibular function in a mouse model of Usher syndrome type 1c

Supplementary Figure 4

(a,d) Example of ABR responses at 8 and 16 kHz for control c.216GA and rescued c.216AA mice, 90dB stimulus. (b,c, e-f) Average wave 1 amplitude (b,e) and latency (c,f) at 8-11.3 and 16 kHz in 6 weeks old mice with comparable thresholds (n=8 c.216GA, n=5 c.216AA + harmonin-b1 RWM P1). Mean ± S.E. While wave 1 amplitude did not differ significantly between each group (t-test: P>0.1 for all sound levels, b and e), peak latency differed significantly for 8-11.3 kHz responses (t-test: P<0.05 for all sound levels, c) and 16 kHz (t-test: P<0.001, f).