Supplementary Figure 1 : Expansion of various organs with MAP.

From: Multiplexed and scalable super-resolution imaging of three-dimensional protein localization in size-adjustable tissues

Supplementary Figure 1

Photographs of intact organs being MAP processed. Organs were harvested after perfusion using PBS solution containing 4% PFA, 30% AA, 0.05% BA, 5% SA, and 0.1% VA-044. After allowing 2 days for chemical diffusion at 4°C, hydrogel-tissue hybridization was performed at 50°C for 2 h. Hydrogel-embedded organs were incubated in a 200 mM SDS and 50 mM sodium sulfite PBS solution for at least 24 h at 70°C and 12 h at 95°C. Denatured tissues were incubated in 100 ml DI water at room temperature for at least 36 h with gentle shaking. Scale bars, 10 mm.