Supplementary Figure 9 : Natural variation for fruit texture associated with PL

From: Genetic improvement of tomato by targeted control of fruit softening

Supplementary Figure 9

a, Fine mapping of the texture QTL on chromosome 3 and location of the PL locus (marker PLG690). Black bar shows QTL mapping interval of c.1 Mb between TG599 and G950, see Supplementary Figure 10. b, texture of the outer and,c, inner pericarp of fruit of the tomato cultivar M82, IL3-4 (in the M82 background and M82 x IL3-4 F1 fruits. d, PL gene expression at breaker + 7 in M82 and IL3-4. Error bars are s.e.m. For qRTPCR the means are based on three individual fruit (shown as dots) per genotype. Fruit texture measurements are based on at least 30 individual fruits for each genotype (n=32 for M82, 98 for F1, and 37 for IL3-4). Dots represent plant means. The texture data were obtained from tomato plants grown in Spring / Summer 2007.