A call for industry to embrace green biopharma

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We are grateful to S. Chan, J.E. Corn, P. Duffy, D. Glover, E. Helgason, J. Jerkins, J. Kawamoto, A.R. Keba, R. Kloberdanz, T.M. Larson, E. Mahajan, B. Shum, J. Strauss, S. Stawicki and S. Vutukuru for their contributions to the Green BioPharma program at Genentech and this publication. We would especially like to acknowledge the late S. Akella for her contribution to the media bag reuse project.

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Correspondence to Kristi L Budzinski.

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The authors are employees of Genentech.

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Budzinski, K., Koenig, S., O'Connor, D. et al. A call for industry to embrace green biopharma. Nat Biotechnol 34, 234–235 (2016). https://doi.org/10.1038/nbt.3493

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