Supplementary Figure 6 : A time-resolved map of liver insulin signaling in vivo.

From: High-throughput phosphoproteomics reveals in vivo insulin signaling dynamics

Supplementary Figure 6

a Assembly of insulin signaling proteins from multiple database sources. The combined list contains the majority of known insulin signaling molecules, however not all proteins in the database are known to be regulated by phosphorylation. b The canonical insulin signaling network, comprising the PI3K-Akt and MAPK signaling branches. Proteins were curated from multiple database sources in a, as well as from literature. Shown on these proteins are known key insulin-regulated phosphorylation sites. Circles denote phosphorylated residue types (purple = Serine, Blue = Threonine, yellow = Tyrosine, grey = Not quantified) and phosphorylation site position (mouse). Below these are the average response of the phosphosite (fold change compared with PBS control, log2), at 0.5 and 6 min. in our time-resolved liver phosphoproteome data.