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Biopharmaceutical benchmarks 2014

Monoclonal antibodies continue their march on the markets, optimized so-called biobetter versions of existing biologics are also gaining ground, but the rate of biosimilar approvals has seen a dramatic slowdown in recent years.

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Figure 1: Approvals by region and by date.
Figure 2: mAbs approved within the indicated periods, expressed as a percentage of total biopharmaceutical product approvals within the same period.
Figure 3: Product approvals, cumulative (1982–2014) and for the current period (2010–July 2014) in the context of product class.
Figure 4
Figure 5: Expression systems used to manufacture biopharmaceutical products.


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New traditional-type biotech product* approvals 2010-2014. (PDF 161 kb)

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Stem cell products in phase 3 clinical trials (PDF 50 kb)

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