Using information from the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), Nature Biotechnology selected the top universities by total gross licensing revenue received over a 5-year span. We then contacted universities to discern their licensing revenue, licenses and startups attributed solely to the life sciences (Table 1). AUTM data for biomedical research institutes is found in Table 2, using the same 5-year initial filter. Figure 1 shows that, for the universities in Table 1, life sciences are more than carrying their weight.

Table 1 US universities listed by licenses executed, licensing revenue and startups launched related to life sciences in 2012
Table 2 US biomedical research institutes listed by licenses executed, licensing revenue and startups in 2012
Figure 1: The life sciences account for the majority of incoming revenue, outgoing licenses and startups.
figure 1

(a-c) The number of both overall and life sciences gross revenue, executed licenses and startups, calculated from our list of selected universities (Table 1).

First Rounders Podcast: George Yancopoulos

Yancopoulos was the founding scientist of Regeneron. Today, he's the president of Regeneron Laboratories and the company's CSO. Nature Biotechnology talked to him about the scientific foundation at Regeneron, upholding the family name and giving back through teaching.