Figure 3: The pep1-2 mutant is allelic to pep1-1. | Nature Biotechnology

Figure 3: The pep1-2 mutant is allelic to pep1-1.

From: Mutation identification by direct comparison of whole-genome sequencing data from mutant and wild-type individuals using k-mers

Figure 3

(a) pep1-1 and pep1-2 flower without vernalization. pep1-2 does not complement the early flowering phenotype of pep1-1. F1 (pep1-1/2) plants, resulted from the cross of pep1-1 with pep1-2, flower in long-day conditions suggesting that they carry independent lesions within the same gene. (b) Flowering time analysis measured as number of leaves at flowering. pep1-1, pep1-2 and their F1 hybrid flowered whereas wild-type plants never flower in long days. Error bars, mean ± s.d, n = 12. (c) Alignment of a NIKS contig of pep1-2 against the A. thaliana reference sequence identifies a premature stop codon introduced in the second exon of PEP1. The frame used to annotate the nucleotide sequence was inferred through alignment to A. thaliana. The causal mutation is shown in red. Exonic sequence associated with the mutation is shown in blue and the homologous exon of A. thaliana in yellow.

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