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Transgenic insect resistance traits increase corn yield and yield stability

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Figure 1: Yield stability in isogenic corn hybrid pairs grown in strip trials.
Figure 2: Distributions of grain yield and trait effect.
Figure 3: Geographic distribution of trait effect and technology adoption.


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We would like to thank to GfK Kynetec ( for sharing sales volume data. This manuscript has been improved by reviews from T. Dennehy, M. Tollenaar, D. Sorensen, B. Goodwin and T. Voelker.

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Correspondence to Michael D Edgerton.

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All of the authors are current or former employees of Monsanto, which has developed and sold the hybrids and transgenes described in this report. The authors may hold Monsanto stock or stock options in Monsanto.

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Supplementary Methods, Supplementary Tables 1,2 and Supplementary Figure 1 (PDF 834 kb)

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Edgerton, M., Fridgen, J., Anderson, J. et al. Transgenic insect resistance traits increase corn yield and yield stability. Nat Biotechnol 30, 493–496 (2012).

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