Table 1 Recent patent applications in single-molecule technologies

From: Recent patent applications in single-molecule technologies

Patent number Description Assignee Inventor Priority application date Publication date
US 2011249259 Methods and apparatus for single-molecule sensing and molecular analysis of analytes (nucleic acids, proteins, polypeptides, peptides, lipids and polysaccharides) by optical spectroscopy in solid-state nanopores in a transmission-based approach. Louvain Catholic University (Louvain, Belgium), IMEC (Louvain, Belgium) Van Dorpe P, De Vlaminck I, Lagae L, Borghs G 12/9/2008 10/13/2011
US 2011212437 Single-molecule sequencing with two distinct chemistry steps. Pacific Biosciences (Menlo Park, CA, USA) Emig R, Jia L, Hanes J, Sebo L 2/18/2010 9/1/2011
US 2011200989, WO 2011091043 Single-molecule nucleic acid sequencing using multiphoton fluorescence excitation. Life Technologies (Carlsbad, CA, USA) Janaway GA, Inman CE, Beechem J 1/19/2010 7/28/2011
US 20110177496 Compositions, methods and apparatus for DNA sequencing in a two-electrode chamber by field-switch sequencing. Pacific Biosciences (Menlo Park, CA, USA) Williams JGK, Anderson JP 4/30/2004 7/21/2011
US 2009029477, US 7972858 Methods for analyzing polymer molecules and high-throughput readout of DNA and RNA molecules with single-molecule sensitivity. Harvard College (Cambridge, MA, USA) Mathe J, Meller A, Eid JS 8/13/2004 7/5/2011
US 20110160078 Digital counting of individual molecules by stochastic attachment of diverse labels. Affymetrix (Santa Clara, CA, USA) Fodor S, Fu GK 12/15/2009 6/30/2011
WO 2011047680 Immunochemical detection, visualization and quantification of single unit of biological or chemical targets. Dako (Glostrup, Denmark) Lohse J 10/20/2009 4/28/2011
US 2009159812, US 7914734 Electromagnetic radiation–based scanning analyzer for single-molecule detection and methods of use for diagnostics with zero carryover between samples. Singulex (Alameda, CA, USA) Livingston RA 12/19/2007 3/29/2011
US 2011053286 An apparatus and improved method for detecting and monitoring (bio)-chemical reactions or interactions at the single-molecule level. Life Technologies (Carlsbad, CA, USA) Battulga N, Reddy M, Hardin SH 7/20/2006 3/3/2011
US 2011021383 Apparatuses for real-time RNA or DNA single-molecule sequence determination. Life Technologies (Carlsbad, CA, USA) Hardin S, Briggs J, Tu S-C, Gao X, Willson R 7/7/2000 1/27/2011
WO 2009065635 Single cell–based reporter assay to monitor gene expression patterns with a rapid and high spatiotemporal resolution. Pasteur Institut (Paris) Mhlanga M, Enninga J, Sansonetti P, Nehrbass U 9/12/2007 5/28/2009
  1. Source: US Patent and Trademark Office, Espacenet, JP and EP patent offices. The status of each application is slightly different from country to country.