Extended Data Figure 6 : Density of axonal innervation by area and layer of V1 layer-2/3 projection neurons.

From: The logic of single-cell projections from visual cortex

Extended Data Figure 6

a, Total axon length plotted as a function of the number of targets innervated by every V1 projection neuron. b, Axon length in area LM, PM or POR plotted as a function of the total number of targets innervated by each neuron projection to the respective area. ch, The axons of V1 neurons in target areas most densely innervate layers 2/3 and 5, with some density in layer 1, but less in layers 4 and 6, often recapitulating the laminar axonal profile within V1. Coronal views of each area are shown in Allen Reference Atlas space (left) and axonal arborizations of each neuron innervating the area are colour coded. Scale bars, 200 μm. A histogram of the laminar innervation is shown (right). Note that cells with abrupt terminations outside the shown area were included in this analysis. Areas depicted are V1 (c), AL (d), LI (e), LM (f), PM (g) and POR (h). White-matter axons are not shown.