Extended Data Figure 1 : Single-neuron tracing protocol efficiently fills axons projecting to the ipsilateral striatum.

From: The logic of single-cell projections from visual cortex

Extended Data Figure 1

We retrogradely labelled striatum-projecting cells by stereotactically injecting cholera toxin subunit B conjugated to AlexaFluor 594 or PRV-Cre into the visual striatum of wild-type mice or tdTomato-reporter mice (Ai14, Jax), respectively (magenta). With visual guidance of two-photon microscopy, we electroporated single retrogradely labelled cells in V1 with a GFP-expressing plasmid (cyan). a, Coronal, maximum intensity projections of visual striatum. Scale bar, 1 mm. b, Higher magnification image of the visual striatum. Scale bar, 0.2 mm. c, Single-channel images of the same axonal arborization as in b. d, Coronal maximum intensity projection containing V1. Scale bar, 1 mm. e, Higher magnification image of V1. Scale bar, 0.2 mm. f, Single-channel images of V1. Scale bars, 0.2 mm. g, Horizontal projections in the Allen Reference Atlas space of eight retrogradely labelled and electroporated cells. Cell ID numbers are indicated at the top right of each image. Scale bars, 1 mm. Note that one additional cell was retrogradely labelled and electroporated, which revealed its axonal projection to the striatum, but it is not shown because the brain was too distorted to allow accurate registration to the Allen Reference Atlas.