Extended Data Figure 8 : Location of cell bodies in V1 as a function of their projection targets.

From: The logic of single-cell projections from visual cortex

Extended Data Figure 8

al, Horizontal views of Allen Reference Atlas space are shown. The location of all traced V1 neurons are indicated as circles (cells with no abrupt terminations) or squares (cells with abrupt terminations). In each plot, the cells projecting to the highlighted higher visual area are coloured in solid blue. Target areas considered are A (a), AL (b), AM (c), ECT (d), LI (e), LM (f), P (g), PER (h), PM (i), POR (j), RL (k) and TEA (l). m, n, Quantification of cell body location in the rostrocaudal (m) and mediolateral (n) direction. Dotted lines indicate expected number of cells based on a bootstrapping procedure, for which we randomly selected neurons from the available positions to project to each area and repeated the process 10,000 times. P values were derived from the bootstrapping probability distribution and are indicated for projection targets significantly deviating from this expectation (α = 0.05). P values below 10−4 are not exact and are therefore indicated as a range.