Extended Data Table 3: The fraction of derived alleles among putatively deaminated fragments that each of the low-coverage individuals shares with the Altai Neanderthal, Vindija 33.19, the Denisovan individual and a present-day human genome

From: Reconstructing the genetic history of late Neanderthals

Table 3
  1. The state of DNA fragments overlapping the positions at which the high-coverage genomes of the Altai Neanderthal, the Vindija 33.19 Neanderthal, the Denisovan individual and a present-day African (Mbuti, HGDP00982) differ from those of the great apes were investigated. Fragments longer than 35 bp with MQ ≥ 25 and within the highly mappable regions of the genome that had terminal C-to-T substitutions reported in the Supplementary Table 3.2 were used. 95% binomial confidence intervals are provided in brackets.