Extended Data Table 3 Model evaluating the effect on tree growth of resin phosphate and Mehlich calcium

From: Pervasive phosphorus limitation of tree species but not communities in tropical forests

  1. P values were calculated using LogLik model comparisons after adding the nutrient parameters, one at a time, to the moisture model in Extended Data Table 2. Response variable = log(growth); number of observations = 18,970; number of species = 541.
  2. *See Extended Data Table 2 for P values.
  3. †Also significant (P = 0.02) when log(resin P) was added to the Mehlich Ca model in Extended Data Table 2.
  4. ‡Also non-significant (P = 1.0) when log(Mehlich Ca) was added to the resin P model in Extended Data Table 2.