Extended Data Table 5: Area-weighted yield, nitrogen rate, total amounts of grain output, nitrogen fertilizer use, reactive nitrogen losses, and GHG emissions with scenario analysis using a 3-step progression, compared to prevailing practices, that is, business as usual

From: Pursuing sustainable productivity with millions of smallholder farmers

Table 6
  1. Business as usual (BAU) practices were calculated using county averages from the farmers’ surveys and planting acreage from national statistical data. Scenario 1 (S1): counties in the low yield and high nitrogen category (see Methods, Extended Data Tables 2, 3, 4) attaining ISSM-based yield and nitrogen rate. Scenario 2 (S2): counties in low yield and low nitrogen category, in addition to those in S1; Scenario 3 (S3): counties in high yield and high nitrogen category plus those in S2. Values in parentheses indicate relevant scenario outcomes as a percentage of BAU.