Extended Data Table 1: Data collection, phasing and refinement statistics

From: Atomic structure of the eukaryotic intramembrane RAS methyltransferase ICMT

Table 1
  1. Data collection statistics are from HKL3000 (ref. 32); phasing statistics are from SHARP33; refinement statistics are from PHENIX36. CC1/2 is defined in ref. 42; Clash Score is defined in ref. 38. Rsym = Σ |Ii − <Ii>|/Σ Ii, where <Ii> is the average intensity of symmetry-equivalent reflections. Phasing power = r.m.s. (|F|/ε), where |F| is the heavy-atom structure-factor amplitude and ε is the residual lack of closure error (r.m.s. is root mean square). Rcullis is the mean-residual lack-of-closure error divided by the dispersive or anomalous difference. R-factor = Σ |FoFc|/Σ |Fo|, where Fo and Fc are the observed and calculated structure factors, respectively. Rfree = R-factor calculated using a subset (~5%) of reflection data chosen randomly and omitted throughout refinement. Numbers in parentheses indicate the highest-resolution shells and their statistics.