Extended Data Figure 7 : Comparison of ICMT and MaMTase.

From: Atomic structure of the eukaryotic intramembrane RAS methyltransferase ICMT

Extended Data Figure 7

a, Sequence alignment between beetle ICMT, human ICMT, and MaMTase (referred to as Ma-ICMT in ref. 16). In the alignment, red colouring indicates identical residues and pink indicates similar residues. The secondary structures of ICMT and MaMTase (PDB ID: 4A2N) are shown above and below the alignment, respectively. The region of highest sequence conservation corresponds to the cofactor-binding domain (bracketed); elsewhere there is low sequence similarity. Asterisks indicate amino acids of ICMT that contact AdoHcy; surrounding parentheses, where present, indicate that hydrogen bonds are made with backbone atoms. bd, Superposition of the structures of beetle ICMT and MaMTase, shown from three vantage points in cartoon representations. ICMT is coloured according to the colouring of its secondary structure in a; MaMTase is coloured grey.