Extended Data Figure 2 : A single dose of ethanol precipitates bone-marrow failure in Aldh2/Fancd2/ mice.

From: Alcohol and endogenous aldehydes damage chromosomes and mutate stem cells

Extended Data Figure 2

a, A single dose of ethanol (5.8 g kg−1, injected intraperitoneally) leads to anaemia in Aldh2−/−Fancd2−/− mice one to two months after treatment (P calculated by Mantel-Cox test; n = number of mice). b, Haematoxylin and eosin staining of bone marrow sections 30 days after ethanol treatment (original magnification, ×100). c, Full blood-count analysis for Aldh2−/−Fancd2−/− and control mice, before injection and terminal bleeds after ethanol treatment (P calculated by paired t-test; data shown as mean and s.e.m.; n = number of mice, as in a).