Extended Data Figure 5 : Cre–LoxP-mediated recombination and Mos1-mediated single-copy insertion of rgba-1 gene.

From: Genetic variation in glia–neuron signalling modulates ageing rate

Extended Data Figure 5

a, Schematic representation of Cre–LoxP-mediated recombination of rgba-1 gene. b, The cleavage of rgba-1 in various tissues was verified by PCR. c, Mating efficiency of N2 males at day 1 of adulthood with conditional deletion of rgba-1 in glial cells (rgba-1flox/flox;Pptr-10::Cre or rgba-1flox/flox;Pmir-228::Cre), neurons (rgba-1flox/flox;Prab-3::Cre), or intestinal cells (rgba-1flox/flox;Pges-1::Cre). Data shown are mean ± s.e.m. Each data point represents the result of one independent experiment. d, e, Schematic representations of Mos1-mediated single-copy insertion of rgba-1 (d) or empty vector (e). f, PCR validation of Mos1-mediated insertion of rgba-1. For b and f, n = 2 (b) or 3 (f) independent experiments. For gel source data, see Supplementary Fig. 1b.