Extended Data Figure 4 : Temporal X-ray response characterization.

From: Printable organometallic perovskite enables large-area, low-dose X-ray imaging

Extended Data Figure 4

a, Rise and fall time response dependent on the applied bias. b, ‘Lag’ measurement as a function of time after each X-ray pulse signal. c, ‘Ghosting’ measured using the sensitivity change for each X-ray pulse signal. Lag can be defined as [Idark(t) – Idark(0)]Sn−1, and ghosting as SnS1−1, where Idark(t) is the dark current measured at time t after each exposure, Idark(0) is the initial dark current level before any exposures, S1 is the X-ray sensitivity for the first exposure, and Sn is the sensitivity of the nth exposure, respectively.