Nature 543, 573–576 (2017); doi:10.1038/nature21671

In Extended Data Fig. 4d of this Letter, the immunofluorescence images (bottom row, experiments performed in the presence of the PARP inhibitor Olaparib) were inadvertently duplicated in panel e (bottom row, under the ‘PARP inhibitor’ heading). The corrected Extended Data Fig. 4e is shown as Supplementary Information to this Corrigendum, and this error does not alter the conclusions of the paper. In addition, in the ‘Oligonucleotides’ section of the Methods, the two oligonucleotides used for METTL14 should have been listed as: “sh 1, AGCATTGGTGCCGTGTTAAAT; or sh 2, GCTGACAGATTTGAAGAATAT.” We apologize for any inconvenience that these errors may have caused. The original Letter has not been corrected.