Extended Data Figure 5 : Expression of social behaviours across trials and days.

From: Social behaviour shapes hypothalamic neural ensemble representations of conspecific sex

Extended Data Figure 5

a, Percentage of time mice spent engaging in male- and female-directed behaviours on each of five trials on three days of imaging. n = 5 mice, mean ± s.e.m. b, Cumulative time spent mounting and attacking by a cohort of unoperated, socially isolated mice that underwent two days of the standard social experience paradigm depicted in Fig. 1d (n = 8 mice). The unoperated mice exhibited a gradual appearance of mounting, and showed mounting behaviours before attack, indicating that changes in behaviour were not due to the effects of surgery or the presence of the scope. c, Data from implanted mice (n = 5), reproduced from Fig. 3g and restricted to the first 20 trials for direct comparison.