Extended Data Figure 9 : Behaviour correlation with male/female PCC.

From: Social behaviour shapes hypothalamic neural ensemble representations of conspecific sex

Extended Data Figure 9

a, Cumulative minutes of each behaviour by the nth trial plotted against the PCC between male and female representations on that trial, for six mice (behaviours already presented in Fig. 4a–c have been omitted). All trials from a given mouse are shown in the same colour. Solid lines are square-root fits (of the form ) of the plotted points from all mice. b, A weighted sum of cumulative minutes of each recorded behaviour (attack, mounting, anogenital sniffing and other sniffing) as well as cumulative time spent interacting with conspecifics, plotted against PCC between male and female representations; weights fit by non-negative LASSO regression. c, Bar plot of weights used to generate plot in b, fit by non-negative LASSO with sparseness parameter chosen to minimize mean-squared error on held-out data (see Methods).