Table 1: Common cell lines used by the 4DN Network

From: The 4D nucleome project

Tier 1DescriptionAvailabilityTier 2DescriptionAvailability
H1-ESC (WA01)Human embryonic stem cells (male)WiCellF121-9Mouse Cast-129 F1 hybrid embryonic stem cells (female)Gilbert laboratory, FSU
hTert-HFFhTert-immortalized human foreskin fibroblasts (male)Dekker laboratory, UMMSF123Mouse C57BL/6N inbred embryonic stem cells (male)Ren laboratory, UCSD
IMR90Primary lung fibroblasts (female)ATCCH9-ESC (WA09)Human embryonic stem cells (female)WiCell
GM12878EBV-immortalized B-lymphocytes (female)CoriellhTert-RPEhTert-immortalized retina pigmented epithelium cells (female)ATCC
K562Chronic myelogenous leukaemia cells (female)ATCC
HEK293Human embryonic kidney cells (likely female)ATCC
U2-OSOsteosarcoma cells (female)ATCC
HAP1Haploid derivative of chronic myelogenous leukaemia (CML) cell line KBM-7 (male)van Steensel laboratory, NKI
WTC-11Induced pluripotent stem cells (male)Conklin laboratory, Gladstone/UCSF
HCT116Human colorectal carcinomaATCC
  1. Tier 1 cells are used for all studies, whereas Tier 2 cell lines are used for specific projects. ATCC; American Type Culture Collection; FSU, Florida State University; NKI, Netherlands Cancer Institute; UCSD, University of California San Diego; UCSF, University of California San Francisco; UMMS, University of Massachusetts Medical School.