Extended Data Figure 7 : Spatial and temporal evolution of surface sedimentary calcium carbonate content in cGENIE during the PETM.

From: Very large release of mostly volcanic carbon during the Palaeocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum

Extended Data Figure 7

a, Black line, global mean surface levels (in wt%) of sedimentary calcium carbonate (CaCO3) across the PETM, from experiment R07sm_Corg. White circles, times from PETM onset onwards that correspond to the δ11B-derived pH data points in Fig. 3b and Extended Data Fig. 6. The white circles do not represent ‘values’, and simply mark specific time points. b, Model-projected spatial pattern of surface sedimentary wt% CaCO3 at time zero (PETM onset). Shown are the locations of sites for which surface ocean pH has been reconstructed (see Fig. 2) and at which detailed down-core model–data comparison is carried out (Extended Data Fig. 9). cf, Model-projected spatial patterns of the surface sedimentary wt% CaCO3 anomaly compared with time 0, for the time points highlighted in a. g, For reference, the assumed seafloor bathymetry in the model (and the locations of the four data-rich sites that are discussed in Supplementary Information).