Extended Data Figure 3 : The fossil human teeth from Lida Ajer Cave and associated metrics.

From: An early modern human presence in Sumatra 73,000–63,000 years ago

Extended Data Figure 3

a, b, The incisor (a) and molar (b) mesio:distal ratio versus bucco:lingual ratio metrics plotted against data from 37 and 353 fossil Pongo teeth15, respectively. c, d, The incisor (c) and molar (d) data are plotted against the full range of Homo teeth from African early Homo to recent modern (data from ref. 73). In all four plots, the Lida Ajer teeth are denoted by a red star, with the key for symbols in c, d, representing the different human teeth is indicated on the right. e, f, The incisor (e) and molar (f) from Lida Ajer.