Extended Data Figure 10 : Lida Ajer fossil chamber; new modelled chronology.

From: An early modern human presence in Sumatra 73,000–63,000 years ago

Extended Data Figure 10

a, Photograph of the fossil chamber, showing the location and structure of the breccia and flowstone units. b, Annotated photograph of the fossil chamber with the sampling locations and dating results found in Supplementary Tables 7, 8, 11. c, Bayesian analysis of the red thermoluminescence, U-series and coupled U-series/ESR dating results to construct the new modelled chronology for Lida Ajer. The photograph on the left (taken from the dashed box in a) depicts the boundaries between the underlying flowstone, the breccia deposit and overlying flowstone units. Note: the red thermoluminescence and ESR error on the age estimates are presented at 1σ, while the U-series errors have been presented at 2σ. The main figure uses all the available data, while inset A uses only the breccia data (from the red thermoluminescence and pIR-IRSL dating of the breccia matrix and U-series dating of the flowstones and soda straw) and inset B uses only the fossil tooth data (from U-series age depth modelling and coupled U-series/ESR dating of the teeth directly).