Extended Data Figure 9 : ESR dating of two Fossil Pongo teeth 12/LA/5/08 (orange) and 13/LA/5/08 (blue).

From: An early modern human presence in Sumatra 73,000–63,000 years ago

Extended Data Figure 9

a, ESR dose equivalent (De) calculation. Top, Markov Chain Monte-Carlo fitted dose–reponse curve for each of the samples, using McDoseE 2.0 with a single saturating exponential function and 100,000 iterations. Bottom, ESR dose equivalent distribution of the Markov Chain Monte-Carlo model with McDoseE 2.0. b, Uranium uptake model in the different tissues used for the U-series/ESR age calculation. c, Table summarizing the U-series values (averaged) obtained by LA-MC-ICPMS on the ESR fragment and dentine directly in contact (EDJ) and used in the coupled U-series/ESR age model. No ages were calculated for U concentration <1 p.p.m. or U/Th ratio <500. d, Sample 13/LA/5/08. e, Sample 12/LA/5/08.