Extended Data Figure 7 : CNFET gas sensors.

From: Three-dimensional integration of nanotechnologies for computing and data storage on a single chip

Extended Data Figure 7

a, Characterization of the CNFET gas sensors. Sample size is 90 (30 of each the three types of CNFET gas sensor). ΔR is defined as the resistance measured after exposure to the given gas divided by the baseline resistance in vacuum, with the resistance is both cases measured at VGS = −3 V and VDS = −2 V (error bars show 95% confidence intervals). b, Example layout showing how sub-arrays of the complete chip can be functionalized. By measuring the percentage of RRAM cells that are set to 1 in each sub-array during the sensing phase of operation, an average value for the CNFET sensing circuit can be calculated, which corresponds to Rsensor.