Extended Data Figure 2 : Mature in vivo HP1 domains are not pure liquid.

From: Phase separation drives heterochromatin domain formation

Extended Data Figure 2

a, b, FRAP images (a) and average fluorescence intensity over time of bleached area (b) of Drosophila embryonic nuclei in cycles 10–14, and stage 8. In cycle 14, heterochromatin forms in the apical region of the nucleus. n = 20 nuclei in each condition, error bars are s.d. c, NIH3T3 nuclear size after addition of media containing 10% 1,6-hexanediol. n = 63 nuclei, error bars are s.d. d, Images and quantification of FRAP on wild-type (WT) HP1a and point mutants incapable of dimerizing (I191E) or interacting with binding partners (W200A) in S2 cells. n = 60 nuclei each condition, error bars are s.d.