Extended Data Figure 5 : Scattering and Guinier fits of SAXS on wild-type and nPhos-HP1α show homogeneous populations.

From: Liquid droplet formation by HP1α suggests a role for phase separation in heterochromatin

Extended Data Figure 5

a, Raw X-ray scattering intensity of wild-type (blue points) and nPhos-HP1 (green points) at 3.5 mg ml−1 (150 μM) concentration. Black lines are Fourier transforms of the fitted interatomic distance distribution, P(r), with χ2 values of 1.186 and 1.199 for wild type and nPhos, respectively. b, Guinier plots of wild-type (blue points) and nPhos-HP1 (green points) at 150 μM. Black lines are linear fits to the data plotted as log intensity versus q2. The range of data used in the linear fits extend up to q × Rg of 1.3. Rg is radius of gyration and q is scattering vector. The corresponding residuals for each fit are shown below as vertically shifted horizontal lines for clarity.