Extended Data Figure 7 : Measuring shogushin 1, lamin B receptor, H3K9me3 peptide affinity, and the effect of shogushin peptide binding on oligomerization.

From: Liquid droplet formation by HP1α suggests a role for phase separation in heterochromatin

Extended Data Figure 7

a, b, Fluorescence anisotropy plots showing the Kd measurements (values in μM next to symbols for wild-type versus HP1α(CSDm)) for LBR and Sgo1 peptide binding to wild-type HP1α and the I163A CSD mutant (CSDm), which can no longer form dimers. c, Comparative analytical ultracentrifugation runs of approximately 50 μM nPhos HP1α with and without 100 μM shogushin or LBR. d, Fluorescence anisotropy plots with a 15-mer trimethylated H3K9 peptide showing the relevant HP1 isoforms can bind the nucleosome tail.