Extended Data Figure 5 : Calculated crystalline lattice configurations.

From: Electric-field control of tri-state phase transformation with a selective dual-ion switch

Extended Data Figure 5

a–c, Three possible lattice configurations for SrCoO2, based on first-principle calculations, with: a, parallel oxygen-vacancy channels; b, orthogonal oxygen-vacancy channels; or c, infinite planar lattice structure. Calculated lattice constants and total energies are also given. For reference, the lattice constants and total energy of SrCoO2.5 are: a = 5.65 Å; b = 5.51 Å; c = 15.76 Å; Etotal = −218.30 eV. d–g, Calculated crystalline lattice configurations for HySrCoO2.5 when y equals: d, 0.125; e, 0.25; f, 0.5; and g, 1.0.