Extended Data Figure 3 : Thickness and strain dependence of the phase transformations.

From: Electric-field control of tri-state phase transformation with a selective dual-ion switch

Extended Data Figure 3

a, In situ XRD measurements of phase transformations in films with thicknesses of 20 nm, 50 nm and 100 nm, grown on LSAT(001) substrate. The top and bottom panels show ILG with positive and negative voltages, respectively. b, Thickness dependence of gating durations for films grown on the LSAT(001) substrate. c, In situ XRD measurements during phase transformations for films with different strain states. The compressive strain is calculated on the basis of the difference in lattice constant between the substrates (LaAlO3, LSAT and SrTiO3) and the bulk SrCoO2.5 phase. d, Strain dependence of gating durations.