Extended Data Figure 8 : Universal proof of ILG-induced phase transformations.

From: Electric-field control of tri-state phase transformation with a selective dual-ion switch

Extended Data Figure 8

a–d, XRD θ–2θ scans for typical as-grown SrCoO2.5 samples (green), and after positive (blue) and negative (red) voltage gating using the following hydrophobic ionic liquids: a, EMIM-TFSI, and b, HMIM-TFSI; also with c, the hydrophilic EMIM-BF4; as well as with d, the aqueous electrolyte NaOH (1 mol per litre). e, Residual water concentrations of ionic liquids, determined by the Karl Fischer titration method. Quoted errors represent the standard deviation of the measurements. The results show that the ILG-induced phase transformations occur with all of these ionic liquids, and that even the hydrophobic ionic liquids have enough residual water to achieve the phase transformation, confirming the generic nature of the ILG-induced phase transformations.