Extended Data Figure 10 : Down-sampling of synonymous and high confidence pLoF variants to validate simulation.

From: Human knockouts and phenotypic analysis in a cohort with a high rate of consanguinity

Extended Data Figure 10

a, b, We ran simulations to estimate the number of unique, completely knocked out genes at increasing sample sizes. Before applying our model, we first applied this approach to a range of sample sizes below 7,078 for variants that were not under constraint, synonymous variants (a), and for high-confidence null variants (b). At the observed sample size, we did not observe significant selection. We expect that at increasing sample sizes, there may be a subset of genes that will not be tolerated in a homozygous pLoF state. In fact, our estimates are slightly more conservative when comparing outbred simulations with a recent description of >100,000 Icelanders using a more liberal definition for pLoF mutations.