Extended Data Table 1 The response of different phytoplankton species to flipping

From: Phytoplankton can actively diversify their migration strategy in response to turbulent cues

  1. The vertical distribution of the population is expressed in terms of the upward bias, r, for the control and after 300 flips (r > 0 denotes upward accumulation, r < 0 denotes downward accumulation, and r = 0 denotes a symmetric distribution). Subscript RCC denotes species acquired from the Roscoff Culture Collection; all other species were acquired from CCMP (Culture Collection of Marine Phytoplankton; now the National Center of Marine Algae and Microbiota). R indicates Raphidophyceae; D indicates Dinophyceae. An asterisk indicates that the difference between the flip treatment and the control is statistically significant (in particular, for the two additional species that exhibited a split: CM2962: two-sided t-test, t6 = 3.66, P = 0.01; PM291: t4 = 2.85, P = 0.04). The last column provides a qualitative description of the behavioural response to the flips.