Nature 507, 124–128 (2014); doi:10.1038/nature12931

In this Letter, we showed that tethering SUVH2 with a zinc finger to the FWA gene was sufficient to cause DNA methylation and gene silencing. We have discovered that we inadvertently used the SUVH9 protein, not the SUVH2 protein, in this zinc finger fusion. SUHV2 and SUVH9 are redundant homologues that have similar roles in RNA-directed DNA methylation. The mistake affects Fig. 4a–d and Extended Data Fig. 10a, c and d of the original Letter, in which the labels ‘ZF–SUVH2’ should be‘ZF–SUVH9’; the data in these figures are correct. In the abstract, ‘SUVH2’ should be ‘SUVH9’ in the following sentence, to read: “Furthermore, tethering SUVH9 with a zinc finger to an unmethylated site is sufficient to recruit Pol V and establish DNA methylation and gene silencing.” The results and conclusions are not affected. These errors have not been corrected online.