Extended Data Figure 10 : Co-expression of various gene pairs linked by eQTL SNPs.

From: An atlas of human long non-coding RNAs with accurate 5′ ends

Extended Data Figure 10

We searched for gene loci that overlap eQTL SNPs associated with expression variation of mRNAs (as identified by GTEx16). Gene loci overlapping these SNPs were then paired with the corresponding mRNA and their expression correlation across the FANTOM5 expression atlas was investigated. Rows compare the gene types overlapping the SNPs. a, mRNAs; b, all lncRNAs; c, divergent p-lncRNAs; d, intergenic p-lncRNAs; e, e-lncRNAs. Columns compare the relative orientation of the gene pairs and the position of the SNPs. The term ‘all’ refers to all orientations of the gene pairs and positions of the SNPs pooled. Gene pairs were binned on the basis of the number of SNPs linking the pair (bin = 5 SNPs). The data points represent the mean of absolute Spearman’s rho and the error bars represent its 99.99% confidence intervals. At each bin, the number of pairs plotted is the same for the three pair types as indicated.