Extended Data Figure 6 : Expression landscape of lncRNAs in primary cells.

From: An atlas of human long non-coding RNAs with accurate 5′ ends

Extended Data Figure 6

a, Expression level and specificity. Abbreviation cpm is relative log expression (rle) normalized count per millions. The maximum expression level (log2 cpm) and expression specificity (Chao–Shen’s corrected Shannon entropy59) of genes among 69 primary cell facets10 were plotted. Box plots show the median (dashed lines), quartiles and Tukey whiskers. b, Percentage of genes within categories expressed within primary cell facets. The circles represent the mean among samples within a facet and the error bars represent 99.99% confidence intervals. Dashed lines represent the means among all samples. c, Number of lncRNA genes expressed within primary cell facets. Dashed line represents the mean among all samples. The x axis is sorted on the basis of number of lncRNA genes expressed. A gene is considered as ‘expressed’ when cpm ≥ 0.01.