Extended Data Figure 1 : LECs have higher expression of fatty acid β-oxidation and transport proteins.

From: The role of fatty acid β-oxidation in lymphangiogenesis

Extended Data Figure 1

a, Quantitative RT–PCR analysis of the mRNA levels of carnitine palmitoyltransferase CPT1A, CPT1B, CPT1C and CPT2 relative to the housekeeping gene HPRT1 in VECs and LECs (n = 3). bf, Fold change in the mRNA levels of fatty acid binding protein FABP4 (b), FABP5 (c), fatty acid transfer protein FATP3 (d), FATP4 (e) and CD36 (fatty acid translocase, FAT) (f) in LECs versus VECs (n = 3). g, Fold change in PROX1 mRNA expression in LECs silenced for PROX1 (siPROX1) versus control silenced LECs (ctrl) (n = 3). Mean ± s.e.m. of n independent experiments. Statistical test: t-test was used for comparison of two groups. *P < 0.05; NS, not statistically significant.