Extended Data Figure 7 : Structure of the ion transport pathway.

From: Structure of a CLC chloride ion channel by cryo-electron microscopy

Extended Data Figure 7

a, Stereo images of the atomic model of the CLC-K channel’s Cl-selective filter (class 1; light magenta) and comparisons with that of CmCLC (cyan) and EcCLC (yellow) are shown in a stick representation. In the cases of CmCLC and EcCLC, bound Cl ions are shown as spheres. Predicted polar interactions are indicated by grey dashed lines. b, EM density and model of the αC–D loop are shown for the class-2 CLC-K structure. Also, density and model were shown for the Tyr520 side chain. The density map (grey mesh) was sharpened with a B-factor of −120 Å2 and low-pass filtered at 4.1 Å.