Extended Data Figure 8 : Phylogenetic analysis of metastasis (early divergence).

From: Early dissemination seeds metastasis in breast cancer

Extended Data Figure 8

Phylogenetic trees of the top 13 out of 28 primary tumours and matched metastasis samples listed according to earliest time point of dissemination (for details see tables in Extended Data Figs 7, 9). A1–7, inferred common ancestors (intermediates); M, metastases (M1–3); N, normal cell; P, primary tumour. (see Methods). The ordinate indicates the number of aberrations per profile (on a square root scale). For the first three matched samples, the phylogenetic tree paths (middle), prototype aberrations (top right) and segmented array CGH profiles (bottom right) are also shown in addition to the phylogenetic tree (left). Aberration profiles along phylogenetic paths run from N via A1–7 to P or M1–3. Aberration prototypes are named according to chromosome and positional order of their first change point, for example, 2.2 denotes the second aberration prototype of chromosome 2 (see Methods and Extended Data Fig. 7c).