Extended Data Figure 1 : Comparison of integrated emission for 12CO, 13CO and C18O.

From: Resolved images of a protostellar outflow driven by an extended disk wind

Extended Data Figure 1

Contours are from 3σ in steps of 3σ for 12CO (a) and 1σ for 13CO (b) and C18O (c). σ = 4 mJy per beam for 12CO and σ = 5 mJy per beam for 13CO and C18O. Redshifted (red) and blueshifted (blue) emission is integrated from 2.5 km s−1 to 10 km s−1 with respect to the systemic velocity. The corresponding integrated emission from the power-law disk model is shown in greyscale. RA, right ascension; Dec, declination.