Extended Data Figure 5 : In vitro data for CTD-binding-deficient mutants.

From: Structural basis of an essential interaction between influenza polymerase and Pol II CTD

Extended Data Figure 5

Binding data of SeP5 peptide to recombinant mutant proteins. a, Bat FluA site 2 double mutant K289A/R449A (left), site 1 double mutant K630A/R633A (right)). b, Influenza B site 1 double mutant K631A/R634A. Error bars represent s.d. of three independent experiments, Kd values are shown ± the error of the fit. c, Time courses of cap-primed transcription (left panel) and unprimed replication reactions in vitro with vRNA (middle panel) and cRNA (right panel) as template, comparing the site 1 and 2 double mutants with the wild-type bat FluA. Error bars show the s.d. from three different reactions. The tables show the measured rate constants ± the error of the fit.