Extended Data Figure 3 : Sequence alignment of the PA subunit of various influenza strains (bat A, human A, avian A, B, C, D).

From: Structural basis of an essential interaction between influenza polymerase and Pol II CTD

Extended Data Figure 3

Only the PA-C region starting from residue 220 is shown. Absolutely conserved residues are white on a red background and highly conserved residues are red letters boxed in blue. The amino acid numbering and secondary structure correspond to bat FluA polymerase. CTD binding site 1 residues are indicated with a cyan triangle (conserved in FluA and FluB strains) and site 2 with a yellow triangle (key residues are only conserved in FluA strains). Residues referred to in the discussion (site 1, C448 (H1N1, C453), site 2, I545 (H1N1, L550), T547 (H1N1, S552)) are shown with a black triangle.